Ecology for good karma.

Environmental protection is typical for HAN

Wherever people work and live, they leave their ecological footprints and use up resources. But these resources are limited! With HAN the “eco”-lines are therefore not just a short-term trend but a long-lasting standard. For the future we are hoping to utilize perfect materials exclusive of renewable raw materials.

At present we are mainly using recycling granules, eco-friendly mixed plastic materials and durable hardwood for long-lasting products. These are taking the pressure off the environment and offer excellent features. Our know-how is embodied in our ecological efficiency programme HAN KARMA.

All grey, black and blue products have certification in accordance with the eco-label “Der Blaue Engel” (Blue Angel)!

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Our technological know-how preserves the environment

Both in our manufacturing plant and the whole company we are saving energy and water. This is achieved by means of energy-efficient lights, new high-efficiency pumps, refrigeration units as well as modern heat-recovery systems which allow us to increase and make the most efficient use of the energy potential of the electricity used.

With the energy generated, our buildings are heated and CO2-emissions eliminated. Our energy-saving measures are supplemented by a central compressor control system which reduces the power consumption by 50 %.
One thing is certain: Only premium brand manufacturers – who consistently avoid low-wage countries and dubious circumstances - are able to launch these measures.

Research and Development at HAN

We continuously do research in order to launch sustainable and environmentally-friendly products. At HAN we are regularly testing innovative materials with proportions of renewable raw materials for their market maturity. Should a certain product not comply with our high visual standards, we will seek new ways.

One of our test objects was the mixed material PP wood compound made of polypropylene and 55 % natural fibres, for instance. Another material used was BIOGRADE which consists mainly of cellulose – in other words wood – and contains no starch or starch derivatives.

Research is worthwhile: For our eco-grey and eco-blue products we have been awarded with the eco-label “Der Blaue Engel” (Blue Angel). Apart from that our successful black office accessories – made of recycled plastics – provide the best possible proof for the ecological engagement of HAN. Do not make a choice between design and environment protection but opt for the combination of aesthetics and ecology!


HAN awarded with the Blue Angel
HAN has been awarded with the eco-label "Blue Angel" for the eco-grey and  eco-blue products. These products are unexceptionally made of post-consumer products such as recycled refrigerators. The Blue Angel is the first and most well-known eco-label worldwide for products and services.  It is awarded to companies as a reward for their commitment to environmental protection.

The blue butterfly sets an example
HAN products made of ecological materials are marked with the KARMA butterfly.

Find out more about the ecological efficiency programme from HAN.
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