Your health manager.

The latest generation of medicine dosing feeder. The entire medication in all dosage forms in a single system!

Your health manager - mediTimer®

HAN mediTimer® is an easy and intelligent organisation system supporting you in medicine intake and leading you safely through the day. The basis module consists of 3 medicine boxes that are inserted into the slipcase. The basis module is indefinitely extendable by additional extension modules, if several intake times are required to be considered.

HAN mediTimer®
mediTimer® Basis module
The basic module consists of three medicine boxes which are inserted into the slipcase.
HAN mediTimer®
mediTimer® extension modules
The extension module, if several intake times are required to be considered.
HAN mediTimer®
Example: 4 intake times
Basis module + 1 extension module

Why HAN mediTimer®? Background and facts.

The problem of medication

Facts of wrong medication at a glance:

  • About 1 billion € costs due to lacking  pharmacotherapy safety AOK WIDO GGW 1/2013
  • Approx. 10 billion € costs per year due to medicine not having been taken or taken the wrong way (HTA report 65, 2007)
  • 4000 tons (!) of drugs are paid per year but disposed of without having been used
  • The majority of all older people is  admitted to hospital (depending on the survey 30% and more) due to undesired side effects and results of medicine (UAW and UAE)
  • Up to 60,000 medication-related deaths per year in Germany (for comparison: approx. 4000 dead people due to traffic accidents)
    Source: Wehling, Burkhardt: Arzneitherapie für Ältere, 2011


Apart from that:

  • Many patients are facing difficulties in the weekly sorting of medicine in pillboxes
  • Medicine is sensitive to light, moisture and in connection with other medicine
  • Medicine containers such as sprays or drops do not fit in pillboxes

The consequences

Consequences of wrong medication:

  • Non-, wrong or double intake
  • In particular, correct intake times are neglected (“morning, noon, evening“ is obsolete from the pharmaceutical point of view!)
  • Half of the seven million of chronically ill people in Germany does not like keeping to the accurate intake of their medicine
  • Particularly older people are often overstrained
  • Pharmacotherapy safety not given (increase in morbidity and mortality)
  • Therapy goals are not achieved (increase in morbidity and mortality)
  • Unimaginable, but avoidable suffering for patients, therefore unnecessary charging of costs

The solution

HAN mediTimer® - Advantages:

  • Once sorted– forget about it for weeks
  • Individually accurate intake times
  • Only safe original packagings
  • For all dosage forms
  • Extendable for additional intake times

You will find detailled information here:

» mediTimer® - The intuitive colour coding system for accurate intake time



HAN mediTimer® - Foolproof operation
Foolproof operation I:
1 Pull up locking bolt
2 Push out first box to the front at the correct time of day.
3 Take/apply medicine.
HAN mediTimer® - Foolproof operation
Foolproof operation II:
4 Press down locking again.
5 After medicine intake push box back into the casing again.
6 The next intake time is always in front!
HAN mediTimer® - The intuitive colour coding system for accurate intake times
mediTimer® colour coding system:
Innovative colour coding system for correct intake times


mediTimer® ambulant wins first place in the prevention award of the scientific Institute for Prevention in the health care sector (WIPIG) in the category “Best Idea“, corner stone for further product developme

1st place in the prevention award of the Scientific Institute for Prevention 2011

The mediTimer® stationär ranks among the ten appointed out of almost 100 applicants for the WIPIG-DAZ Prevention Award “Best Project of an Institution“, award ceremony on 17.05.2014

Nomination WIPIG-DAZ Prevention Award 2014

The mediTimer® is nomated for the German Brand Award 2017.



mediTimer®, 3er basic module

options / colours:
Medikamentendosierer mediTimer®, Basis-Modul mit 3 Medikamentenboxen, weiß

Price: upon request

  • mediTimer® - The basic module with 3 medication boxes
  • 2 sheets of labels with the administration times. The benefits of your health manager
  • 1 x sorted - weeks of peace and quiet!
  • Customised correct times to take the tablets
  • Only safe original packaging
  • For all forms of administration
  • Expandable for additional administration times

Technical details

mediTimer®, 3er basic module

item No.: 7300-12
external dimensions W x H x D: 78 x 133 x 200 mm
packing unit: 1 piece
colour: white
EAN: 4012473730007