The topic of waste management in companies is becoming increasingly important and complex. Primarily, it is about organising waste cycles in companies. The aim is to avoid, recycle, recover and dispose of waste in accordance with legal requirements and taking into account aspects of sustainability. To this end, HAN offers a comprehensive portfolio of waste paper baskets and waste inserts. A wide range of colours for different models makes it easier to organise waste separation. Some of our waste paper baskets can be placed, rolled or stacked on top of each other to save space. Depending on the area of application, we offer different volumes as well as waste paper baskets with special features, for example to prevent smouldering fires. Labelling options ensure clear allocation of waste types. Our waste inserts come into play when disposing of wet waste. These have very different capacities and some are equipped with lids. This keeps odours where they belong. Many of our waste paper baskets and waste inserts can be easily combined with each other.