Letter tray KLASSIK XXL

Letter tray KLASSIK XXL

Item no:




Polystyrene (PS)


360 Gram

Dimensions (T x B x H ):

348 x 255 x 105 mm

Letter tray KLASSIK XXL

Letter tray KLASSIK XXL, DIN A4/C4. Premium quality letter tray. In high gloss optics. In elegant, extra high design. Stackable vertically or offset. With wide grip cutout for easy orientation and optimal access to documents. The slightly slanted front of the letter tray prevents documents from slipping out. Ideal for use in cabinets, compatible with all standard letter trays. Space for labeling clip 1021. Use for paper sizes: DIN A4/C4. Made in Germany. External dimensions (W x D x H): 255 x 348 x 105 mm. Material: high quality plastic, polystyrene (PS). Color: red.

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