Letter tray HAN LOOP

Letter tray HAN LOOP

Item no:




Polypropylene (PP)


222 Gram

Dimensions (T x B x H ):

351 x 259 x 63 mm

Letter tray HAN LOOP

Letter tray HAN LOOP, DIN A4/C4. Young, innovative design in a trendy shape. Adds fresh accents to any workplace. High stability guaranteed. Can be stacked vertically or offset. With wide grip cut-out for easy orientation and optimum access to documents. The slightly slanted front of the letter tray prevents documents from slipping out. Awarded the “Product of the Year” design prize. Pastel shades sometimes look puristic, sometimes elegant, sometimes romantic and are a trendsetter for a stylish office. They can be wonderfully combined with other delicate shades or sometimes with bright colours. Use for paper sizes: DIN A4/C4. Made in Germany. Outer dimensions (W x D x H): 259 x 351 x 63 mm. Material: high-quality plastic, polypropylene (PP). Color: savannah.