Desk pad smart-LINE

Desk pad smart-LINE

Item no:



Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)


480 Gram

Dimensions (T x H ):

600 x 395 mm

Desk pad smart-LINE

Desk pad smart-LINE, timeless and modern design. Ensures the best writing comfort due to an optimal writing surface. Can be used as a desk pad as well as a mouse pad. The underside is coated with a high-quality felt, making it non-slip and gentle on furniture. Optional additional benefit: An integrated connecting strip allows other HAN smart-LINE products to be moved horizontally with the aid of the connecting clip on the buttom and placed in the optimum field of vision. The smart-LINE series offers the ideal conditions for the organization of the modern workplace. It ideally combines the digital and analog worlds of work. Sophisticated design and optimal functionality characterize the entire series. Made in Germany. External dimensions (W x D): 600 x 402 mm. Color: black.