Card index boxes (plastic)

A card index box simplifies learning. It doesn't matter whether it's simple vocabulary or learning complex subjects in the context of studies or professional training. The principle of "question first, answer later" works for learning in all phases of life. Card index boxes are available in many different sizes, the most common being DIN formats from DIN A8 to DIN A4 in landscape format. Depending on the size, they differ in capacity. HAN card index boxes are made of high-quality plastic and are equipped with dividers including viewing index. The lid can be removed and stored under the box while working to save space. In addition, our boxes are equipped with rubber feet that are gentle on furniture. Firstly, they stand securely and secondly, they cannot leave any scratches on the workspace. Some of our filing box models can be locked. Such systems are particularly popular for sorting, filing and archiving sensitive data.