Wastepaper Baskets

Paper baskets are bins specialised in the disposal of paper. At HAN, there are small design solutions with a capacity of 13 litres and XXL variants specialised in the disposal of large volumes. Some have all-round grip edges, others recessed grips for comfortable handling. Most waste paper baskets are round, but there are also disposal systems that can be stacked next to or on top of each other in a square shape. Depending on the space and place of use, there are many solutions for easy separation and disposal of waste. In addition to square, round, narrow or particularly large bins, there are also special solutions for use in hotels or hospitals, for example. Such waste paper baskets are subject to various regulations and must, for example, have a lid, be hygienic, i.e. open without contact, or be made of certain flame-retardant materials in order to comply with fire protection regulations. We also offer waste bin inserts as accessories for almost all HAN bins. They allow you to dispose of wet waste, for example, without having to laboriously separate and sort it out.