Pen trays

The idea behind pen trays dates back to a time when people still frequently wrote with a fountain pen. The upright position in which a fountain pen is placed or stored in a pen cup causes the nib to dry out. For this reason, a special tray was developed for this noble writing instrument in which the fountain pen can lie horizontally. This way, the pen tray not only looks decorative on any desk, but also gives a rather rare writing instrument the necessary frame. Today, however, the elegant pen trays are used in many different ways. They can also be used to hold elegant ballpoint pens or other writing utensils. Some pen trays can be opened or slid open and have integrated small storage compartments for small desk utensils. Others have a magnetic surface on which paper clips, for example, can be placed. Even though pen trays originated from an originally different idea, they still look very luxurious on desks and in modern offices. HAN pen trays are available in timeless designs with a matt, insensitive surface, or with a high-gloss finish and a special type of surface refinement.