Card index boxes

A card index box is used to store index cards. They are available in all common colours and formats from DIN A8 to DIN A5 and can always be closed with a lid with a folding mechanism. The high-quality steel hinge ensures durability and easy handling. In their original function, card index boxes were of course developed to attach and detach a cards. A card index file means organising a specific (subject) area and always consists of many individual cards with information. In principle, however, cards of all kinds can be stored in the boxes. For example, they could also serve as a collection box for postcards from holidays. HAN card index boxes are available with and without accessories. Typical accessories include index cards or registers. Card index boxes can be conveniently packed and transported to any location. For example, vocabulary can be taken anywhere and learned. But some card indexes also stay in one place - for example, customer card indexes. Some industries still work with card index systems in order to have quick access to customer data or entire files.