Letter trays

The history of the letter tray goes far back into the past. This is probably because man has always been concerned with order and system at his desk. We often work with many documents at the same time - letters are received by post, documents and files from the work environment have to be supplemented or archived, printed forms are filed and collected for further processing. Letter trays, letter baskets or also called filing baskets are adapted to the common DIN A4 format in office and stationery products. However, they can vary greatly in height, colour and material. In the production of plastic letter trays, we work with different raw materials that provide the final product with different properties. Typical of our letter trays is their high stability and resilience. For example, folders, catalogues or large collections of sheets can be stacked in HAN letter trays. The designs range from solid to translucent, frosted or transparent colours and the numerous models also differ in their design language. All of them can be stacked on top of each other and moved to make it easier to access the documents filed. Many letter trays can also be labelled and thus create an even simpler organisational system.