Card index trays (wood)

Card index trays are often mistakenly classified as card index boxes. However, if you look at the construction and intended use, it becomes clear that these are completely different products. A card index tray does not have a lid and thus always offers open access to the index cards. It is not intended for mobile use, but is usually placed in the drawer of a desk or office cupboard. Card index trays are of course available for a wide range of DIN formats. At HAN we manufacture formats from DIN A6 to DIN A4. Because trays are open at the top, they also allow card indexes in portrait format. Depending on the size, card index trays have different capacities. They are made of different materials. HAN wooden filing trays are made of high-quality, FSC-certified natural wood (birch). They are equipped with a metal base plate in which the matching metal support dividers can be anchored. The material "wood" makes the file trays visually valuable objects that can also be integrated well into the private living environment.