The HAN mediTimer is no ordinary "tablet box" - rather it is an intelligent medicine organiser. The basic module has three large boxes in which all kinds of medicines can be sorted. There is enough space for bottles, tubes, sprays and tablets. Nothing has to be taken out of the original packaging and can be accidentally mixed up. The colour-coded system and the individual labelling options make it easy to keep track of different medicines on a regular basis. Once sorted, the mediTimer does not need to be refilled until weeks later. The practical box for medicines can be supplemented with an extension module if there are more than 3 taking times a day and then, at the latest, it becomes a kind of "health manager". The extension module is simply "docked" onto the basic module. A puristic , high-gloss design makes the mediTimer a timeless object that will not look out of place on any table or cupboard. Medicines disappear discreetly in the medicine dispenser and no longer lie around loose or get lost.